Senior Advocate M.K. Damodaran
International Centre of Excellence in Law

Senior Advocate M.K. Damodaran International Centre of Excellence in Law

In this modern age of Science and Technology, human resource is a most important asset. Trained man power produced through university education shall have sufficient capability for competing with their counter parts all over the world. Adequate measures needs to be adopted for maintaining quality in terms of knowledge gained, skills acquired and values assimilated. In this era of globalisation, internationalisation of legal education, legal profession and legal research is increasing with an alarming speed. Development of International Centres of Excellence is essential for meeting this challenge.

The National University of Advanced Legal Studies has been established with the following objects by The National University of Advanced Legal Studies Act, 2005 (Act 27 of 2005).

The objects of the University are: “to advance and disseminate learning and knowledge of law and legal and judicial processes, professional legal education and their role in national development, to develop in the student and research scholar a sense of responsibility to serve society in the field of law by developing skills in regard to advocacy, legal services, legislation, law reforms and the like, to promote legal and judicial reforms as are needed to strengthen the administration of justice in India, to organize lectures, seminars, symposia, colloquiums and conferences on jurisprudence, current legislation, legal processes, rule of law and allied subjects on which instruction is imparted or research is carried out by the University, to conduct research on civil rights and fundamental rights and to co-operate with industrial or any other infrastructure management, to promote legal knowledge so as to make the law and legal processes efficient instruments of social change and national development, to promote inter disciplinary study, research of law in relation to management, science and technology, International co-operation and development, to provide orientation and training to officers exercising judicial powers and to those who are involved in the administration of justice, to impart training and to conduct refresher courses for law teachers, officers exercising judicial powers, advocates and other persons engaged or interested in the legal field, to hold examinations and confer degrees, diplomas, certificates or titles and other academic or honorary distinctions, to endeavour for the well being of the society through the medium of law, to create an awareness of respect to law and lawful authorities among the general public, to instill a sense of Rule of Law among the students and citizens and to do all such things as are incidental, necessary or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the University”.

At present NUALS is housed in 10 acres of land at Kalamassery with separate Academic and Administrative Blocks, a Common Amenities Centre, Library Block, Staff Quarters, separate Hostels for Boys and Girls, and Residences of the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar. A Basket Ball Court, Foot Ball Ground, Volley Ball Court, Badminton Court and an Open-Air Theatre are the other facilities provided in the Campus. Five Year B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) Degree, One Year LL.M. Degree and Ph.D. Courses are offered at NUALS. Certain Diploma, Post-Graduate Diploma and Certificate Programmes are also offered at NUALS.

Functions of the Centre

  1. To provide Training Programmes for Lawyers, Teachers, Students, Government Officials, Social Workers, and Elected Representatives of People.
  2. Establishment of a Documentation Centre.
  3. Publications on legal and related subjects.
  4. International Programmes including Students & Faculty Exchange and collaborative Research.
  5. Skill Acquisition Programmes.
  6. Development of ICT based Learning Materials.
  7. Permanent Legal-Aid Clinic.
  8. Short-term Courses.
  9. Undertaking of Research Projects.
  10. Conduct of Socio-Legal Survey for the purpose of assessing the efficacy of various laws, measuring the level of awareness about legal services and legal rights and measures for empowerment of socially disadvantage groups, etc.
  11. Assistance to Government for policy formulation.

Since the existing Campus is fully packed with buildings, play grounds and open-air theatre, for carrying out the above mentioned activities a separate Campus named as ‘Senior Advocate M.K. Damodaran International Centre of Excellence in Law’ is intended to be established to ensure excellence in all areas of law, including:

  • Legal education
  • Legal research
  • Law making and its implementation
  • Law reform
  • Legal awareness
  • Training
  • Documentation


  • Rooms for accommodating 200 persons
  • Suits for accommodating Guests
  • Auditorium
  • Three Conference Halls
  • Five Board Rooms
  • Staff Quarters
  • Cafeteria
  • Play Grounds
  • Class Rooms
  • Office Room